SaunaPod Steamer Lid
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  • XL: 80cm diameter x 75cm height
  • 300 litre capacity
  • 5 x thermal insulated TPE layers.
  • Fits 1 user up to 6'5 (196cm)

1 x VITALICE ice bath

1 x Protective Cover

6 x Durable Support Legs

1 x Hand Pump

1 x Drain Hose

1 x Custom Carry Bag

  • How cold should it be?
    Tap water is ~18 degrees in summer (Winter = ~13 degrees). Ideal temperature is 10-15 degrees
  • How many VITALICE freezer ice packs should I add?
    Each set (4 pack) is equivalent to 5kg or 1 bag of servo ice. Depending on water temperature we recommend using 2-3 sets.
  • How long will it stay cold for?
    VITALICE Ice baths have 5 layer insulation technology to keep your water cold longer.
  • Does it come with a cover?
    Yes, every purchase comes with a custom, waterproof ice bath cover
  • How long should each session be?
    Research has shown that to enhance recovery you should aim to accumulate 11 min per week in the Ice Bath. You can either do this all at once (i.e. 11 min straight) or if you’re not used to Cold Water Immersion, you can break it up into shorter durations (e.g. 2 x 5 min with 2 min out of bath inbetween).

Trusted and loved by over 10,000+ customers

VitalPlus Product Reviews

"It's as tough as a tank (made it through winter and my dog's teeth)"

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VitalPlus Product Reviews

“I use it every day before work and come out buzzing. Better than a cup of coffee!”

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VitalPlus Product Reviews

“The ice bath gives me that mental clarity!”

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings
VitalPlus Product Reviews

“Doing my ice bath from home is a game changer. Highly recommend"

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